Global Effects of Extreme Poverty


Do you think you can live off $1.25 a day? According to the “World Bank” extreme poverty is living off of $1.25 or less a day. Although the rate of extreme poverty has decreased since the 1900’s, more than two billion people still live on less than $2 a day (Nuru). Extreme poverty is one of the most detrimental conditions that affect people throughout the world. It is defined as “the state of being poor, having little money or being in need of a specific quality and severe deprivation of basic human needs” (Nuru). Extreme poverty is more than just lacking money and nice things; it can be physically and mentally harmful. These people are struggling to survive due to the lack of basic human needs such as, food, water, shelter and health centers.

Although extreme poverty affects nearly everywhere in the world, it mainly destroys third world countries. Extreme poverty has so many significant negative effects such as poor health, lack of education and increased crime rate. Some of the poorest countries in the world include Zimbabwe, Burundi, Liberia, Niger and Afghanistan. In Niger, within the next 12 months it is predicted that over 90,000 children will die, which comes out to 240 children a day due to malnutrition (Independent). These conditions are so harsh and detrimental to one’s health that these people often eat mud pies just to fill their stomachs up (Bulman). These countries are stuck in a vicious cycle struggling to survive day to day. Fortunately the United Nations formed the UNICEF organization to combat these horrible conditions in over 190 suffering countries. They strive to give every child a fair chance and give each child the chance to reach their full potential in these horrible circumstances.

People often take for granted how privileged their lifestyles are. More people need to step up and figure out a way to help provide for those in need. More countries like the United States need to do more to end this global inequality. So many people are used to their circumstances and do not see how catastrophic poverty can really be. It is very humbling to see these people’s lives and perspectives. It makes you realize that no matter how hard you think your life is when facing adversity, there are people struggling to survive day to day. Therefore, we must continue to work together to solve this problem, to save future children from living in extreme poverty and suffering its consequences. What do you feel you can do to reduce extreme poverty in third world countries? In what ways do you feel that we as a country can help conquer extreme poverty? What actions can we take to defeat an issue that affects the lives of individuals daily? With your help, we will be able to move forward and start a campaign that can help diminish poverty today and help save lives. Share your thoughts with us at, and we will be able to help start your campaign to help end extreme poverty today!

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Why Embrace Relief?

Since 2013, Embrace Relief has dedicated itself to helping people around the world. As a non-profit organization, we need assistance from people like you, so we can extend our aid to as many as possible. You might be wondering, “Why should I choose Embrace Relief as my charity of choice?” Here are just some of the reasons why contributing to Embrace Relief is a great decision:

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  • The organization has helped to distribute over 1 million pounds of food to people who live in areas struck by famine and lack of resources.
  • Around ninety women have received vocational training due to the actions of Embrace Relief, allowing them to pursue careers and provide for their families.
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Thrive and Strive Food Drive

Right now, 11.3% of the world’s population is suffering from chronic hunger. Whether it be due to lack of resources, failing infrastructure, or poverty, millions of families still struggle to put food on their tables. Even though there is enough food in the world to feed everyone, it remains a difficulty to bring sustenance to certain regions. If you want to help to put an end to this worldwide problem, you can do your part by donating to Embrace Relief today.

Through our Food Distribution program, Embrace Relief has provided over 1 million pounds of food, sent food packages to thousands of families, delivered truckloads of food and water to the people of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria, and helped to open a day-shelter for hundreds of Texans in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Now, we are conducting a food drive to help those in the United States and African nations, as we work with soup kitchens by providing food and monetary contributions from our generous donors. We also work with schools to set up after-school programs and other activities for children. As a humanitarian organization, we are dedicated to helping those who are in dire need of food, water, and other supplies to lead better, healthier, and more sustainable lives.

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  • Applesauce, packaged nuts, and bags of dried fruit

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Every day, millions of people around the world are deprived the necessities that we take for granted. Children are left without food, water, shelter, and education. Women are marginalized by oppressive societies. Masses of people are devastated by threats both natural and human. As we – in the Western World – benefit from the commodities of modern technology, we have the resources best fit for aiding those in need. If you are appalled by the injustices befallen on these people, you may want to do something about it. What can you do to make sure they can lead long, fulfilling lives? One way is by donating to Embrace Relief.

Embrace Relief is a humanitarian organization in Fairfield, New Jersey that believes in diversity, humanity, and compassion. We help people in need both domestically and globally and strive to bring solace to those who need hunger relief, clean water, medical assistance, disaster relief, refugee relief, civil rights, education, etc. This organization funds projects that will greatly benefit those who require the most help.

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